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When someone dies there is an awful lot to do, from registering the death and organising the funeral, to paying bills, dealing with the Inland Revenue, and arranging a house clearance, there’s a whole list of jobs to be done.

So, what is Probate?

Probate is a legal document that provides the Executors with the authority to collect, manage, sell, and distribute the assets of the individual that died.  It is the ‘proof’ of all that has been written in the individual’s Will. Without this document, which takes some time to arrange, then nothing can happen.
If the person who died had not written a Will then typically the next of kin will need to go through a similar process to obtain legal authority by way of ‘Letters of Administration’.

When arranging Probate or obtaining Letters of Administration there are key areas that you must show consideration to:

Probate is often very complicated, dealing with the Inland Revenue can be stressful, the process takes energy and is time-consuming. So, select carefully or simply appoint us and we will complete the process for you.

Probate Fees

The costs of obtaining Probate will be discussed with you and agreed before we commence the administration of the estate.

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